• All core is made out of wood and PET Core (recycled Plastic bottles)
  • 26% Bio content infusion epoxy
  • Enriched basalt fiber (full recyclable and reusable very low Carbon manufacture footprint)
  • Natural Flax fiber
  • Sustainably sourced Glass fiber and carbon reinforcement


  • PRO-SET bio based infusion epoxy yielding a 26% bio content within the cured epoxy matrix.


  • This unique structural core is not only recyclable, but is made out of 100% recycled materials – post-consumer PET packaging waste. The cores have DNV-GL approval, Excellent damage tolerance.
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance (high threshold >60%).
  • Closed cell: limited water & resin absorption, no corrosion and no degradation over time.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable).
  • DNV and GL certified.


  • Biota Flax 200 g/m2 2×2 Twill Biotex Flax provides high levels of performance, coupled with the ease of processing normally associated with glass-reinforced materials. The materials use low-twist technology to provide a combination of sustainability, performance and processability. Compared to glass fibre composites, Biotex Flax offers reduced weight, improved environmental impact, vibration damping, similar specific stiffness and safer handling,

Basalt Fibres

  • Basalt Fibres are produced from Basalt Rocks and as such are considered natural Fibres. Volcanic Fibres have a diameter between 9 and 13 Micrometers and are produced in a similar manner to Glass Fibre. There is however the advantage that Basalt Fibres do not require additives and therefore consume less energy to produce.

Basalt volcanic fibre

  •  A dielectric constant equivalent to glass fibers
  • The mechanical performances helping to meet the requirements of lightness.
  • Basalt Fiber products are very resistant to UV.
  • Basalt Fiber products resist in salty water.
  • Basalt Fiber products are green and fully recyclable.
  • Basalt Fiber, there is no risk of galvanic corrosion.
  • Basalt Fiber products have a high impact resistance.
  • Basalt Fiber products have a good shock absorption.
  • Basalt Fiber products have a reliable fatigue resistance.
  • The tensile strength is similar to Carbon Fibres’ tensile strength.
  • High impact resistance thanks to a two times better elongation compared to Carbon Fibres.
  • Basalt Fiber has a moderate weight.
  • Basalt Fiber products have a very high modulus compared to any commercially available Glass fibres.
  • Thanks to our multiple sizing, the fibres Basalt Fiber have a good wettability and infusion by organic matrices.
  • Basalt Fiber products have a very high heat resistance with an excellent dimensional stability up to 740°C (no shrinkage).
  • There is no risk of bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion from contact with aluminum or any steel-alloys.
  • Basalt Fiber is green throughout its entire life cycle (sustainable and recyclable).

Utilising an innovative, hydrodynamically optimised hubless drive with the latest in control and connectivity technologies we are excited to be providing the RAD Propulsion e-40 electric drive to the new Pulse RIB.

Key features

  • Smart – cloud based data analysis enables the RAD Propulsion e-40 to monitor itself and give you confidence in range and reliability.
  • Safe – with no external rotating blades the hubless RAD Propulsion e-40 significantly improves safety and resilience to rope and weed entanglement.
  • Electric – our drives are electric providing zero-emissions in operation, smooth running, reliability and low noise. No need to fill up petrol tanks.
  • Connected – share your location, track your battery usage, monitor performance and optimise your experience with 4G and Bluetooth connectivity to the web and mobile app.

Further Information

  • Fly-by-wire: With a novel electrically actuated steering system coupled to the high resolution thrust and speed control the e-40 can provide high levels of driver assist such as heading hold, position hold, lateral vectoring and more.
  • RADtag: the unique programmable emergency lanyard not only provides man overboard safety features it also allows for different performance limits to be set for different users and an innovative geo-fence tool for setting limits and alarms.
  • Range prediction: the puck interface unit can be connected to a third party chartplotter or RAD mobile app to display information such as system health, modes and remaining range. RAD are developing an innovative display tool which will set new standards for reassurance that your trip can be completed safely with reserve battery capacity.
  • Battery Interfacing: the RAD drives can be connected to a range of batteries from selected partners. The Pulse RIB uses a state of the art……Hyperdrive batteries
  • Trim / Retract: an electrically actuated trim/tilt system allows for the drive to be trimmed during use but also for the drive to be raised to horizontal. RAD have worked with Pulse to develop a novel integration solution for this RIB which provides for class leading deck space, access, low centre of gravity and ease of use.
  • Fleet tracking: the RAD puck provides connectivity and tracking of the RAD drive. For the management of a fleet of RIBs we will be launching several tools to help operators optimise battery charging, reliability and life.

Pulse58 uses a bank of Powerful Lithium Ion batteries from a long proven automotive supplier that have been sealed and marinized to IP54.
Delivering an impressive 57KWh (in standard configuration at launch) at 104v, the battery bank is reliable for 2000 charging cycles at +85% and are individually controlled, conditioned and managed by the RADlink.

RS Electric Boats

RS Electric Boats

Hyperdrive GEN4 14-Cell (52Vnom) Lithium-Ion Modular Pack


Voltage Nominal 51.8V
Voltage Range Min/Max 43.4V/58.1V
Charge Current 132A maximum, de-rated by BMS depending on cell voltage/temperature
Continuous Discharge Current 130A
Maximum Capacity 5.76kWh/111.4Ah
Maximum Energy Density 164Wh/kg
Useable Capacity Limited to 90% by BMS to improve cell life
Dimensions W: 243 x L: 352 x H: 300.5mm
Weight 35kg
Mounting Fixtures Threaded mounting points for easy, secure connection

Raymarine Axiom 7” Chart Plotter

A powerful new multifunction navigation system from Raymarine. With built-in RealVision 3D™ sonar, the all new LightHouse 3 operating system, and blazing fast quad core performance, Axiom will transform your time on the water. Find out more…

Raymarine VHF Radio 50

Raymarine’s Ray53 radio is small in size but big on features and performance. Ray53 is a full-function VHF marine radio with Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and a built-in GPS receiver. Simply program your boat’s MMSI number into the Ray53 and immediately benefit from the enhanced calling and safety features of DSC. Find out more…

  • RAD Propulsion – Electric Drive
  • Raymarine – Electronics
  • Hyperdrive – Batteries
  • Energy Solutions –  Automotive Electronics
  • Marine Electrification – Automotive Electronics