RS Electric Boats Pulse 58

Pure Electric Motor Boats from RS

With 25 years of design and build experience in zero emissions boating, the Pulse58 Rigid Inflatable blends proven automotive electronic technology and an extremely efficient electric drive optimised hull form, with the highest level of sustainable construction of any boat in its sector



  • Automotive electric system
  • Proven battery and motor
  • Large battery capacity
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Part of the RS brand – reputation for high build quality and reliability
  • Made in the UK
  • Extensive real-time prototyping
  • State of the art data management in real time and remotely




  • Designed for electric propulsion
  • Ergonomics built in
  • Ideal for coaching/safety/support
  • Superyacht tender, leisure and utility specifications available
  • Stable platform
  • Revolutionary RAD propulsion system with cutting edge safety features
  • Innovative personal and Man Overboard management


  • Zero emissions propulsion
  • Highly efficient, light-weight hull
  • Extensive computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD) on hull form
  • Extensive CFD analysis on RAD’s bespoke propulsion system
  • Sustainable production methods and materials
  • Stackable hull form to reduce transportation carbon footprint