What is the range of the Pulse 63 electric RIB at different speeds?

5 knots – up to 100 nm 

10 knots – up to 70 nm 

15 knots – up to 45 nm 

20 knots – up to 25 nm 

How fast does the Pulse 63 electric RIB go?

The Pulse 63 has a top speed of 23 knots. 

What is the weight of the Pulse 63 electric RIB?

815kg (including the batteries). 

What batteries are used on the Pulse 63?

The Pulse 63 uses a bank of powerful Lithium-Ion batteries sourced from a well-established automotive supplier. The batteries are sealed and marinized to IP54 and stored in an air and watertight box to prevent moisture contamination.  

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How / where can the Pulse 63 electric RIB be charged? How long does it take to charge to full power?

Our electric RIBs can be fully charged in just 2 hours via a CCS (Combined Charging System). Alternatively, the RIB can be plugged into mains or standard shore power.

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How will I know if I have enough battery power to complete a journey?

The touch screen interface of the Pulse 63 is compatible with a third-party chart plotter and works with a special mobile app to display real-time usage and remaining battery range at all times. 

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What are the advantages of an electric propulsion system over a conventional petrol/diesel outboard motor?

There are many advantages to electric propulsion compared with petrol/diesel engines. First of all, electric propulsion is entirely emissions-free and oil-free so you’ll be doing your bit to help protect the planet, plus the Pulse 63 meets current and future Zero Emission legislation. Furthermore, our electric RIB is designed to be extremely efficient and has increased torque so it will plane more quickly and use less energy which is good for the environment and keeps running costs low. The cost of electricity is also far less than petrol and diesel, and with fewer moving parts, the Pulse 63 requires less frequent and less costly servicing, thus saving you money in the long term.

What can the Bluetooth Tag do?

The Bluetooth-enabled Tag acts as an emergency kill-cord. It can also be programmed to limit speed and distance for different users.  

This feature is especially useful for organisations that need to monitor and restrict staff operations. Leisure users may also find it useful to restrict range and speed for young family members. 

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What is it like to drive an electric RIB?

Built from shock-absorbing materials and designed for stability, the Pulse 63 electric RIB offers a very smooth ride. The unique hull form creates an air cushion effect which makes the cockpit much drier in rough seas too.  

You’ll also enjoy high levels of control. The smart throttle unit provides high–resolution thrust and excellent acceleration. 

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Does an electric RIB make any noise?

The Pulse 63 motor is virtually silent. You may experience a very quiet hum, similar to that of an electric car, but it is significantly quieter than a combustion-fuelled RIB.

What colours does the Pulse 63 electric RIB come in?

The Pulse 63 electric RIB is available in various colourways including blue, white, grey and black. 

Our electric RIBs can also be customised to your exact colour preferences. Email us at for more information. 

Which features of your electric RIBs can be customised?

Many aspects of our electric RIBs can be customised to suit your requirements including:  

  • Tube colour 
  • Deck covering/colour 
  • Console colour 
  • Upholstery colour 
  • Seat layout 
  • Company branding 

Email us at for more information on bespoke solutions. 

Does the Pulse 63 have lifting points?

A four-point lifting configuration is available for the Pulse 63 as an optional extra.  

What towing options are available on the Pulse 63 electric RIB?

You can choose from an a-frame or a tow post. 

What is the lifespan of the batteries?

Batteries onboard the Pulse 63 can be re-charged 2000 times at +85%. Each battery is individually controlled, conditioned, and managed by the RS-developed PDU. And you can use the app to monitor performance. 

Can the Pulse 63 be coded for commercial and leisure use?

Yes, the Leisure Pulse 63 will be coded under RCR and the Commercial Pulse 63 under MGN 280, WB Code Ed 2. For further details on classifications please email

What is the price of the Pulse 63 electric RIB?

Please email for more information on pricing.  


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