Is it possible to enjoy the freedom, fun and capacity to explore new on water places whilst still being sustainable? Traditional wooden sailboats have epitomised moving about on water for countless generations, and yet the modern approach – fossil fuel burning motors and glass reinforced plastic hulls are a far stretch from those humble beginnings. Noisy, dirty, increasingly expensive and with an end of life process that usually involves landfill, an increasing number of environmentally aware boaters (both commercially and for leisure) are looking for ways to decrease the impact of getting afloat. 

The RS Pulse58 RIB from The RS Electric Boat Co. based in the United Kingdom, now offers a purpose designed fully integrated electric 5.8m rigid inflatable boat. The Pulse58 is not just about its revolutionary near silent electric drive, it also sets a new benchmark for sustainable construction using organically derived and highly recyclable build materials, can be re-charged to full capacity for just a few Pounds, Euros or Dollars, and is offered carbon neutral by RS Electric by offsetting the construction process through the amazing Tree-Aid program. 

Eco credentials only make sense if the experience of ownership matches the practicality and performance of the fossil-fuelled counterparts – the game must ‘move on’ so to speak. Pulse 58 charges overnight using its onboard charger using a standard domestic power outlet, on in as little as a few hours using a separate fast charger which are becoming a standard offering at many marinas and typical mooring venues across the world. Fully charged Pulse 58 will run all day in typical RIB usage – up to 65 miles depending on speed – and offer speeds in excess of 20 knots when you need to move quickly. 

Pulse58 is designed not just as a statement of its owners commitment to the environment and a sustainable future, but also as a stylish, highly specified and practical piece of equipment – Its high quality finish and loaded standard specification add much to its conceptual desirability. 

To suit the needs of different users, Pulse58 is offered in Leisure, Utility and Superyacht Service specifications alongside a broad offering of layout, options, and accessories to fully customise the boat to its purpose. Charging solutions for all requirements are offered alongside the boat itself. 

Perhaps now, boating can return to the silent, non-polluting, and entirely sustainable roots of our ancestors while still enjoying an ultimately modern solution. As close to virtuousness as can be?